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  • Arian B.

    I’ve had this watch for almost a year now. The battery life on this watch is amazing. There are so many features you can use. I beat the hell out of this thing. Best watch out there.

    RuggedFlex Elite 
  • Chris W.

    I'm Chris & I work in construction covered in sheetrock, brick dust, plaster and all kinds of things that would usually ruin more expensive smartwatch, my RuggedFlex Elite Indestructible Watch has held up incredibly well, 5/5 for me 🙌

    RuggedFlex Elite 
  • Jim R.

    This thing is extremely durable! I never really liked smartwatches until i saw these magnetic straps, thats why i chose this watch over any other. I've banged this watch up for weeks and not a scratch!

    RuggedFlex Elite 
  • Mason T.

    Greatest watch I've ever spent money on! This thing is definitely as indestructible as it says it is, I work in residential plumbing, banging this thing against brick walls, dousing it in water & just the general workday. It's held up great and works great for answering calls when i cant reach my phone or find it, love it!

    RuggedFlex Elite